Dan Gray upgrades Nickel City to eXp Realty

Sudbury, Ontario, March 8, 2021 — Drawing from over three decades of experience in the Sudbury Ontario real estate market, Dan Gray has assembled a team of elite agents to introduce the eXp Realty experience to Northern Ontario. Joining Dan in the transition to eXp are sales representatives Danielle Aubrey, Melissa Fuller, David Mallette, and Quentin Seeley: all proficient producers in their niches.

A second-generation real estate professional, Dan has built his brand in the Sudbury community — the largest city by land area in Ontario and fifth largest in Canada — by providing fair and honest advice, consistent and clear communications, and a thorough understanding of the business at all levels: from his first year as a REALTOR® when he didn’t sell a home over $100,000, to his previous role as a broker-of-record/owner of a prominent real estate company.

“When I sold the agency a few years ago, other agents kept calling to ask for help,” explained Dan. “I enjoy mentoring agents, helping them learn effective ways to create the best deals for their clients. One of the things I’m really excited about with eXp Realty is the massive amount of training and marketing materials available. These resources will help me help more people, and because they don’t have the massive overhead of a brick-and-mortar operation, their pathway to success is a bit smoother than when I was first getting started. Combined with the revenue sharing and access to stocks, smart performers will do very well for themselves.”

“Dan’s commitment to developing people and community has helped him become a leading REALTOR® in Sudbury,” explained Phil Hahn, real estate investor and mentor. “His experience in closing deals, mentoring talent, and building relationships work well with the eXp vision, and we’re looking forward to the continued success of Dan and his team of professionals.”

In addition to being a top performer in the real estate market, Dan is an active and generous member of the local community, holding roles such as past chair of the Health Sciences North Foundation, past Committee Member of the Ontario & Canadian Real Estate Association, and five-time past President of the Sudbury Real Estate Board.

High-performing REALTORS® interested in learning about opportunities to join eXp Realty can connect with Dan at 705.698.7330 or dan@dangray.ca.  

“Dan’s commitment to developing people and community has helped him become a leading REALTOR® in Sudbury.”

Phil Hahn

Real estate investor and mentor

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