Top-performing Dallas REALTOR® Lee Lamont capitalizes on opportunities made possible with upgrade to eXp Realty

Dallas, Texas, August 4, 2021 — Dallas real estate expert and owner of Lamont Realty Group, Lee Lamont’s track record for success started nearly two decades ago when he first entered the business. An unsuccessful radio campaign left him with no funds for further campaigns, so he polished his shoes, knotted his tie, and went old school, knocking on the doors of his community to find new listings and opportunities. His approach worked well, as today Lee is consistently posting annual revenues of over $50 million, across 75+ sales, every year in east Dallas. His decision to upgrade to eXp Realty, the cloud-based brokerage, will help him expand and grow regionally and even internationally.

“I’ve been very lucky to build a good business in Dallas by supporting my local church, my local schools, and of course, my local community,” explained Lee. “All of my real estate is local and the platform that eXp is delivering will allow me to streamline my local business, then literally grow internationally by just sticking to the same core principles that I had from the very beginning.”

eXp World Holdings has opened up the world of real estate to Lee. “I was happy at my previous broker, spending nearly 18 years there and selling close to $450,000,000 during that time.  When I told them I was considering a move to eXp, they offered me a substantial amount of money to stay with them, but I’ve chosen eXp for three reasons: first, I share Glenn Sanford’s (CEO of eXp) vision for the Real Estate industry: a cloud-based organization that is mobile and nimble, yet very comprehensive. Second, the agent value proposition: eXp recognises how realtors should be rewarded for their consistent service and work to their clients; and third, the opportunity to learn, grow and share: I’m betting on myself to help grow this innovative real estate firm here in Dallas and across the nation.” 

“We’re excited to have Lee on board: his wealth of experience and reputation as a successful agent in Dallas means the sky’s the limit when it comes to his success. If I were a gambling man, I’d be betting on Lee, too.”

Phil Hahn

Real estate investor and mentor

“My immediate goal is to see how fast I can surpass that incentive to stay (from my previous broker) with what eXp has to offer, and that’s without including the lucrative benefits of the company stock options and revenue sharing.”

“Being the #1 REALTOR® in Texas for four years in a row with his previous broker is a phenomenal accomplishment,” said Phil Hahn, real estate investor and mentor. “We’re excited to have Lee on board: his wealth of experience and reputation as a successful agent in Dallas means the sky’s the limit when it comes to his success. If I were a gambling man, I’d be betting on Lee, too.”

“Phil Hahn’s a professional. He’s patient and he answered all of my questions,” said Lee. “He’s been in my shoes as well.  He connected me with the CEO and President of eXp, all before I committed to joining the team. I believe he has my best interests at heart and that is very refreshing. He has demonstrated an element of professionalism and compassion. When Phil presented this opportunity to me, I knew it’s simply too good to pass up.”

Lee looks forward to capitalizing on the opportunities made possible through eXp Realty. “I love my job. There’s a real sense of job satisfaction when you help a family, a first-time buyer, or people moving up or down in scale,” Lee said. “When you really connect with individuals in your real estate market and help them find their next home… it’s truly rewarding.”

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