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Award-Winning REALTOR®, Brain Tumour Warrior, and Business Coach Returns to Real Estate

Juliana Vallée teams up with eXp Realty


Burnaby, BC, May 27, 2019 — For many people, an inoperable benign brain tumour would be a showstopper, but not for Juliana Vallée. Instead, she paused her successful real estate career to fight her way through her illness, using the same determination and focus that earned her Rookie of the Year status in 2011 and success as the owner of a thriving Keller Williams franchise with over 100 agents in 2018.

Following a brief hiatus from the industry to focus on herself and her family while undergoing substantial radiation treatment, Juliana is back and better than ever. After re-licensing in February, handpicking a team of local professionals, and partnering with eXp Realty, the largest residential real estate brokerage by geography in North America, Juliana is ready to return to her place as a top REALTOR® in Vancouver, BC.

“Fitness has been a huge help to me throughout my life. I kept training, even through my radiation treatments, earning a “Most Inspirational” award from Status Fitness Magazine and causing the people at BC Cancer to ask for my ID – twice – because I didn’t ‘look’ sick,” explained Ms. Vallée. “I choose not to be a victim. What has happened to me has made me who I am and motivates me to where I need to go.”

“I have a competitive nature and believe 100{4cda4d4c34e1a42a7bb43ed85204eac82b0dfe913e8946be53ed5ab56dcf906e} that everything is mindset, so I set goals and work hard to achieve them. A positive mindset works, and it will help me continue to be successful with eXp Realty, where I can do what I do best: help my clients make the right decisions, bypass their blind spots, and find the right property for them and their family.”

“We are excited to have Juliana on the eXp team. Her passion and drive – for her health, her business, and her clients – is matched only by her thirst for knowledge and willingness to help others,” said Phil Hahn, eXp Realty shareholder. “Juliana has shown that she has what it takes to be a top REALTOR® in Vancouver, and we’re confident she’ll be back at the top of her game. Her star is rising, and we’re looking forward to being part of her success.”

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