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Local REALTOR® Recognizes Opportunity in Cloud-Based Brokerage

Jerry Bola switches to eXp Realty for long-term value  


Victoria, BC, December 23, 2020 — As a top-performing REALTOR® in the high-volume real estate market of Victoria, Jerry Bola has enjoyed a successful and lengthy career by understanding the numbers side of the business and effectively negotiating consistently good deals for his clients. After looking at the revenue sharing structure and advanced technology available through eXp Realty, he recognized the benefits and switched his team over to the modern brokerage.

“To be successful in the business of real estate, you have to look beyond the moment,” explained Bola. “Commissions are a short-term win. They put money in your pocket today, but that’s it. While there are many benefits through working with eXp Realty, one of the most valuable is the revenue-sharing program, which provides value beyond the commission, and gives us the freedom to be strategic about our financial futures.”

“The people who say negative things about eXp need to look at their current brokerage,” explained Bola. “In the existing setup, where are the profits actually going? In most cases, it’s the owners who get all the benefits, not the agents. Today’s buyers and sellers don’t care which brand is on the sign – they want a skilled professional with the resources they need to negotiate the best deal for them: professionals who can put them in the home of their dreams. eXp makes that happen. The numbers don’t lie – take an honest look and see the difference for yourself.”

“Jerry and I worked together previously, so I’m very familiar with the level of customer service and negotiation skills he brings to the table,” explained Phil Hahn, real estate investor and mentor. “He’s phenomenal at building relationships, and his ability to accurately analyze and assess a situation — whether it’s a deal he’s negotiating for a client or choosing a new brokerage for his team — shows that he’s playing the long-game and setting everyone around him up for success.”

“I’m looking forward to the opportunities eXp brings to my team,” said Bola. “The technology will help us be more efficient, and with the training resources, I can help Tara and Sonny become leading REALTORS® throughout Greater Victoria. We’ve built a strong team over the past 12 years, and we’re looking forward to additional success with eXp.”

High-performing REALTORS® interested in learning about opportunities to join the eXp Realty team can connect with Jerry at 250.661.3078 or

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