Hani Faraj and Frederick Trudeau Capitalize on the Many Benefits of a Cloud-Based Brokerage

Vancouver, BC, PUB. November 17, 2021 – Having first founded their B.C.-based business, Vancouver House Finders, in 2014, REALTORS® Hani Faraj and Frederick Trudeau blend their collective 10+ years of experience with their tech-savviness and competitive appetite to achieve exponential growth.

When asked about how they first heard about eXp Realty®, both smiled. “I was looking to buy a brokerage in 2015; we had 15 REALTORS® at the time,” says Hani. “And this guy, Phil Hahn, called me during my search for a brokerage and he was telling me about this company, eXp. At the time, I laughed my butt off! We’re friends now, but I completely dismissed him; I really didn’t think of eXp as a threat to the ‘team’ model. 

“I’d probably say I was one of the first people to hear about eXp in BC. When things went well for them, you can imagine the kick in the butt I gave myself! I thought, ‘What the heck was I doing? I could have joined when the stock was nothing; I could have been the top guy in BC.’ But, I’m a big person: I made a mistake; I’m a human being.”

Now that Hani and Frederick have joined eXp in earnest, both agree that they’re glad to have made the jump.

Frederick purchased his first property at 21 years old in Montreal and his second at 26 in Vancouver; now, he acts as team leader and co-founder of both BC House Finders and Vancouver House Finders. Tech-savvy Hani has a diverse background in lending experience, client-facing real estate marketing, project and development marketing, and real estate sales. Together, they have been the winners of the Top 10% Real Estate Team, the Top 2% Real Estate Team, the Top 1% Real Estate Team, and the Medallion Club Real Estate Team.

Now, the two have joined eXp Realty® to scale this growth even further.

“In the third year of business together we made the President’s Club, which is the top 1%,” explains Hani. “You have to understand: I’m not from here. When I first moved here from Ontario, I knew nobody. It was like being AirDropped into a new city. But because of technology, especially lead generation, I was able to scale from zero to, within three years, being #19 out of 2000 real estate teams. I’m really excited to be partnering with a company like eXp that has such a big emphasis on technology because it is part of the future of real estate: you can’t shy away from it.”

“As Hani mentioned, we were serious about owning a brokerage– but there are so many drawbacks,” says Frederick. “The fixed costs are huge. There’s so much that goes into employees and liability insurance as well and what you end up doing is, much like buying a business or a franchise, becoming liable for 300+ realtors with huge overheads.

“eXp is better because it’s all the benefits of a brokerage with none of those detriments. You own a piece of the business, so you’re rewarded for the efforts you put in if you recruit someone and help them become productive.”

Hani and Frederick have conducted over 700 transactions without once being called to appear in front of the Council; each of their contracts is extensively reviewed by lawyers. eXp appeals to their strong adherence to ethics by not only providing an array of benefits but having a clear and straightforward business model as well.

“The ability to give back to the industry by training other REALTORS® and having global distribution are two more big benefits,” Hani explains. “Right now, if I own any other brokerage out there I’m supposed to only work in a small geographic location. But eXp has unlimited distribution; I even have a cousin in Australia that I’m recommending eXp to because of its reach. I’m so excited about the technology that’s going to further come out of this company.”

Mentorship from Phil Hahn is another of the perks Frederick and Hani list. Hani originally met Phil Hahn through his wife, Mary Faraj, who is a consultant in Vancouver. “Phil’s always been there,” says Hani. “He’s been through a lot, including running a big team. I’ve talked to him many times about the ups and downs, the good and the bad, and he’s been honest and quick to respond. Whenever we need help from either Phil or Randy, they’re both right there.”

Phil agrees.

“It’s been great to see these professionals take a second look at eXp; we would have loved to have them join us back in 2015, but we’re thrilled to have them today.”

High-performing REALTORS® interested in learning about opportunities to join eXp Realty can connect with Frederick and Hani at 778-881-6781 or info@vancouverhousefinders.com.


“It’s been great to see these professionals take a second look at eXp; we would have loved to have them join us back in 2015, but we’re thrilled to have them today.” 

Phil Hahn

Real Estate Investor and Mentor

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