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Setting the Pace in Vancouver Real Estate:

From Supercars to Luxury Listings

Shaun Donnellan brings a history of high performance to cloud-based realty

Vancouver, BC, July 29, 2020 — On the day he received his permanent residency status in Canada, Shaun Donnellan left his position as a  highly successful sales executive with McLaren Vancouver to pursue his dream of becoming a leading REALTOR® in Greater Vancouver. His history of success had multiple brokerages inviting him to join their team, and Shaun opted to begin his new career with eXp Realty.

“I chose eXp Realty because of the mentorship and guidance they offer,” said Shaun. “I’m extremely grateful for the overwhelming support and assistance I’ve received from Glen Sanford and Darren Jacklin, and the opportunity to learn from Phil Hahn – one of the nation’s most successful real estate mentors — is a privilege few receive.”

“I’m also excited about the technology background available through eXp,” continued Shaun. “While the rest of the market is struggling to find ways to conduct business online, eXp continues to operate at peak efficiency, helping its agents list and sell homes for their clients safely.”

Shaun has the rare ability to connect people with who or what they need. This helped him become an award-winning salesperson in the automotive industry, starting at Toyota then Lexus, with overwhelmingly positive customer feedback for every transaction. When he arrived in Canada, he began working with McLaren, where he was recognized as the top salesperson in Western Canada within his first year. His entrepreneurial nature has helped him lead multiple networking events for future leaders and innovators in Greater Vancouver, bringing people together to create opportunities and profitable partnerships for everyone involved.

“Shaun’s professional approach, gentle demeanour, and genuine concern for the needs of his clients have helped him consistently outperform his peers in all of his previous roles,” explained Phil Hahn, real estate investor and eXp shareholder. “We are very excited to be part of Shaun’s future, and we’re confident that he will quickly rise to the top in our competitive industry.”

High-performing REALTORS® interested in learning about opportunities to join the eXp Realty team can call or text Shaun at 604-753-7032. Learn more about Shaun and the team he’s developing at Western Real Estate Group (

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