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Social Media Maven Keeps it Simple

With Move to eXp Realty

Heather Clifford brings her substantial social presence to cloud-based realty


Comox Valley, BC, January 31, 2020 — Over the past decade, Heather Clifford has been a powerful force in the world of social media with her business, Keep It Simple Social Media, helping local organizations define and refine their online presence to create strong connections with their audiences. Heather has held her real estate license since 1990, taking four years off to dive deep into the world of social media. Her recent return to the world of real estate enables her to work with the fast-growing eXp Realty team, helping them build their ability to market their listings and access the wide variety of support and tools available through the cloud-based brokerage.

Born and raised in the Comox Valley, Heather has a history of success with developing other professionals. She has managed three real estate agencies and has 26 years of experience as a managing broker at two offices in the highly competitive Whistler luxury real estate market. As a social media maven, she earned the elusive guru status from Facebook for her marketing prowess and reputation for success.

“I speak the language of real estate and understand the art of marketing properties globally,” explained Heather. “I created KISS Media as a simplified learning tool for my REALTORS®️, enabling me to instruct 1000s of real estate agents in hands-on social media and marketing training. Now that I’m back on the Island and settled into our home on Saratoga Beach, I’m looking forward to using my knowledge and experience to focus on helping and training other eXp Realty agents achieve and exceed their goals.”

One of the resources Heather brings to the eXp Realty team is her ability to teach business professionals how to market themselves effectively. Business owner and Comox Valley resident, Penny Marlow, shared, “Heather sticks by you beyond the bootcamp. She keeps working with you until you make it, then she teaches you more. She was able to help me boost my business by 50{4cda4d4c34e1a42a7bb43ed85204eac82b0dfe913e8946be53ed5ab56dcf906e}, and I know she’ll be able to help other businesses grow by showing them how the little things can make a big difference.”

“I’m very excited to be back on the Island; business is booming, and opportunities are everywhere,” said Heather. “I’m eager to share the resources and benefits provided by eXp Realty, as well as my extensive experience in online marketing and education in urban land economics, with local professionals looking to build their brands through effective engagement and high-quality service.”

“We are so very thrilled to have Heather bring her reputation for success to the eXp Realty team,” shared Phil Hahn, eXp Realty shareholder and real estate entrepreneur. “Her willingness and ability to share her marketing skills and deep understanding of social media will provide tremendous value to everyone on our team.”

High-performing REALTORS®  interested in learning about opportunities to join the eXp Realty team can contact Heather Clifford at 604-698-9855 or


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