With over $250 million sold, winner of the Top-Rated Victoria Real Estate Agent award, and recipient of the MLS Gold awards between 2019 and 2021, Thomas Kala of Pinnacle Homes Group knows a thing or two about how to build your brand in real estate.

Today, Thomas tackles how comprehensive branding has fortified his business–especially through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Origin of Pinnacle Homes Group

In just four short years, Thomas and his wife, Courtney Kala, have built Pinnacle Homes Group from the ground up. With his background in financial analysis and commercial sales–and Courtney’s expertise in client relations and branding–the two have made Pinnacle Homes Group a well-known name in Greater Victoria’s luxury homes scene.

“A big portion of our business is because of our brand,” says Thomas. “We look to do everything just slightly better than every other agent out there. Everything we touch–all of our marketing, our customer service, our branding, everything–has that goal behind it.

“Whether we’re selling a $400,000 condo or a $4 million property, we use the same quality of photos, video, and general marketing style. Why? Because everyone’s property is a luxury property.”

The Importance of Branding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The real estate industry during the pandemic, Thomas says, was defined by retraction–competition minimizing themselves out of fear of the unknown.

For Pinnacle Homes Group, however, they took it as an opportunity to expand.

“We doubled down on everything,” he explains. “When people started spending less and pulling off marketing, we went all in. That’s actually where we’ve seen the most growth in our business.”

“We did this by becoming not just a real estate business, but a real estate advising and knowledge brokerage over the course of the last two and a half years. We put out a lot of content in regards to real estate; we answered a lot of questions that people were pondering and we became peoples’ go-to for real estate knowledge.”

When it comes to Pinnacle Homes Group, Thomas states that its future is digital. “The pandemic taught everyone that brick and mortar businesses are a dying breed. Everyone had to use technology to innovate their business and supplement it. eXp Realty, a cloud-based brokerage, is a great example of how to be innovative in the real estate industry.”

Harness the Power of Branding Today

With their blend of sleek branding, consistent social media presence, and dedication to evolving their business to keep surpassing their clients’ needs year after year, Pinnacle Homes Group is a master class in how to do branding right in the real estate industry.

Check out their branding for yourself at pinnaclehomesgroup.com.