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Victoria REALTOR® Brings Confidence to

Cloud-Based Real Estate Brokerage

Jean Medland brings unparalleled professionalism and work ethic to eXp Realty

Victoria, BC, August 28, 2020 — Combining a professional background coordinating film, TV, and mega-live event productions with a degree in Strategic Communications and Marketing, Victoria REALTOR® Jean Medland has consistently demonstrated that she has the ideal balance of success and knowledge of Victoria’s active real estate market. From closing a show to closing a home, Jean brings the same passion for perfection to every project.

Jean’s professional approach has enabled her to offer an unheard-of promise to buyers and sellers. For home sellers in Victoria, she guarantees their home sale at 100{4cda4d4c34e1a42a7bb43ed85204eac82b0dfe913e8946be53ed5ab56dcf906e} of Market Value. For buyers, she offers a 100{4cda4d4c34e1a42a7bb43ed85204eac82b0dfe913e8946be53ed5ab56dcf906e} satisfaction guarantee: if they don’t love their home after the first 90 days, she’ll waive her side of the service fees and get them moving. It takes a lot of support, experience, and insight to make offers like this, and Jean has built her business on these confident claims.

“Throughout this pandemic,” explained Jean, “I’m impressed with eXp Realty’s ability to be agile and dynamic. The marketing support, administrative resources, and the culture of success exhibited by other REALTORS® have all been first class, and every agent I’ve met has been forthcoming, supportive, and unwaveringly transparent. It’s been a truly iconic experience so far. Through their guidance and support, we’ll be able to continue to deliver a spectacular service to our clients throughout Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island, whether they’re part of the migration to the Island or they’ve been here all their life.”

“We were incredibly impressed by Jean’s approach to real estate and amazed by the volume of resources she provides her clients, for free,” shared Randy Dyck, president of Eximus Real Estate Team. “Her track record at her previous brokerage shows us that she is truly a front runner, and with the support, tools, and resources available through eXp Realty, we know she’s destined to be one of the top agents on Vancouver Island.”

“Jean has been a powerful presence in the Victoria real estate market,” shared Phil Hahn, real estate investor and eXp shareholder. “She is exceptionally talented at creating high expectations and then delivering more than was promised, and that’s exactly what people can expect from the professionals at eXp Realty.”

High-performing REALTORS® interested in learning about opportunities to join the eXp Realty team can call or text Jean at 250-858-7716. Visit to learn more about Jean’s satisfaction guarantees for buyers and sellers.

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